8 Ways To Relieve Pinched Nerve 

What are ways to relieve a pinched nerve?

  1. Chiropractic adjustment
  2. Extra sleep and rest
  3. Change of posture
  4. Switch to an ergonomic workspace
  5. Use pain-relieving medications
  6. Gentle stretching
  7. Ice and heat packs
  8. Lifestyle changes
There are very few things that are as painful and annoying as a pinched nerve. This happens when the nerved is “pinched” or compressed between tissues such as the tendons, ligaments, bones, and cartilage. As a result, the nerves and surrounding tissue become inflamed, which causes radiating pain to the neck, shoulder, leg, or foot. Thankfully, there are a few ways to relieve a pinched nerve. Here’s how you can resolve the pain on your own, or with the help of an experienced chiropractor

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment The first and best solution to your pinched nerves is chiropractic care. This treatment is a great way to relieve your pain and reduce the likelihood of pinched nerves in the future. And, treatment can be quick and easy. You can even experience instant results from your first adjustment. Professional practitioners, like us at Chiropractic Philippines, have a deep understanding of how your nerves and the musculoskeletal system work. Therefore, we know exactly where to make adjustments and apply pressure to reduce pinched nerve symptoms and quicken recovery. 

Extra sleep and rest

Extra sleep and rest Getting extra sleep and resting your body is another effective way to soothe all kinds of body pains, including pinched nerves. Sleeping also gives your body a chance to repair itself and reduce pinched nerve symptoms. You should give your body a break, and avoid all physical activities that may exacerbate your pain or overuse your nerves. So, steer clear of heavy, high-impact exercise or physical labor in the meantime. 

Change of posture

Sitting hunched over or just generally having poor posture can put lots of stress on your neck and back. This can lead to gradual damage to your muscles, which may eventually lead to a pinched nerve. Make sure to check your posture and adjust it to a proper position. You can also try using cushions, adjustable chairs, and neck rests to support your spine better. Doing this allows some of the pressure to be alleviated and helps your nerves heal. 

Switch to an ergonomic workspace

Switch to an ergonomic workspace Another thing to look at is your workspace. Oftentimes, how your workspace is oriented may be the root of your poor posture and your pinched nerve. Making the right adjustments to your equipment can help you reduce pain. Try using an ergonomic chair, table, and office set to reduce the pressure on your nerves. 

Use pain-relieving medications

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like aspirin, can help decrease the inflammation and pain that you’re feeling from your pinched nerves. These pain relievers can often be found in pharmacies and bought over-the-counter. But, we highly recommend that you seek medical advice from your doctor before taking these medications. 

Gentle stretching

Gentle stretching In most cases, stretching can do wonders to treat pinched nerves. A chiropractor should be able to teach you the right gentle stretches to reduce pain and pressure and help you heal your nerves. Which stretches will fit your case will vary depending on the location of the pinched nerve, so be sure to consult your chiropractor before trying any routine. And don’t worry — these stretching techniques are easy to do even if you’re not a master yogi, and occasional stretches are enough for successful pinched nerve treatment.

Ice and heat packs

Applying cold or hot treatments is effective at reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain around your pinched nerves. If applying heat, use a hot pack and press against the pinched nerve for about 10 minutes at a time. Doing this will relax the area and stimulate blood flow, which speeds up the healing process. If applying cold treatments, such as an ice pack, do the same against the affected area. Hold it for about 10 minutes, which should help in reducing inflammation and pain. 

Lifestyle changes

Even after healing your pinched nerve, you have to make some lifestyle changes to prevent it from happening again. Adding low-impact exercises, daily stretches, and other practices can help reduce the risk in the long run. Consult your chiropractor to understand how to keep your body in its best shape, and improve muscle health and mobility to avoid pinched nerves. 

Key Takeaway

The aches and pains you’ve been feeling throughout your body may be caused by a pinched nerve. If you suspect you have it, consider these proven ways to relieve pinched nerves. And, consult our team at Chiropractor Philippines to address the pain, numbness, and tightness caused by your pinched nerves. Message us here today to schedule an appointment, or discuss how our treatments can help.

Written By: Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III

Dr. Ben is the CEO and Founder of Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He has a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic.

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