Having Spinal Worries? Visit The Best Chiropractor In Alabang!

Having Spinal Worries? Visit The Best Chiropractor In Alabang!

Chronic spinal pain is something uncomfortable for many people, especially for those who work long hours in the office. Persistent spinal discomfort can not only be irritating but it can also affect your level of productivity. No matter which remedy you try, you may find it difficult to feel relief for the pain you feel. Consider consulting with a reliable and highly-skilled chiropractor in Alabang who knows just what your spine needs.

If you work in a business process outsourcing company in Alabang, you may experience times where you’re sitting uncomfortably for long durations. You don’t have to worry though, because Dr. Ben’s Chiropractor Philippines is here for your convenience.


Why should you consult the best chiropractor in Alabang, Dr. Ben?

Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III – also known as Dr. Ben by his clients and colleagues – is both the CEO and founder of the Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He is also presently running a practice in BF Homes, Paranaque. He has undeniable knowledge in the field of chiropractic practice, which ensures his dedication to faithfully serving patients who are worried about their neck, back, and spinal health.

When you have your first consultation with Dr. Ben, you’ll feel at ease because you can guarantee that he wants nothing more than to provide treatment and relief for your problems.


Qualities Of A Good Chiropractor

A chiropractor examining a patient's condition

A chiropractic clinic’s services are just as good as the person behind it. A good chiropractor should be able to expertly point out which areas of your spine you’re experiencing pain with. With the appropriate kind of assessments and examinations, they would be able to determine exactly what kind of treatment plan is best for you. You should also be forthcoming about what particular areas of your body the pain is manifesting in.

Fortunately for you, Dr. Ben from Chiropractor Philippines exhibits all the qualities of a good chiropractor. He is passionate, disciplined, skilled, and empathetic. Here’s why these are the most important qualities of a good chiropractor.



Passion is one of the things that drives people to do their best. In the field of chiropractic treatment in the Philippines, patients would be far more relaxed and confident in their specialist if the latter exudes passion in his work. This is reflected in their desire to provide only the best kinds of treatment services for their patient.



Another quality you should look out for in a chiropractor is the level of discipline they show in their field. If you visit Chiropractor Philippines, you will be able to see just how efficiently Dr. Ben works in his office, how he talks to his patients, and how he prescribes his treatment plans. All of these have been borne out of years and years of specialized training and practice. Discipline in their jobs makes chiropractors more effective. They are able to figure out innovative solutions to continually improve their private practices.



Skill is needless to say, one of the most essential qualities that a chiropractor should have. This is what makes it possible for them to carefully and meticulously assess your back and spine. Skill is what allows them to come up with a diagnosis for whatever pain you may be experiencing. Chiropractors’ skills are also a testament to the hard work and devotion they’ve spent in becoming experts in their field.



Finally, a good chiropractor should be able to show empathy towards your condition. He should be able to understand where you’re coming from. Luckily for you, Dr. Ben’s natural charisma and friendliness can make you easily warm up to him. A friendly and understanding chiropractor allows people to feel more at ease in their clinics. Furthermore, this also allows them to develop a sense of trust with their practitioners.


What Sets Chiropractor Philippines Apart

A chiropractor checking a patient's spine

Having learned about the most essential characteristics that a chiropractor should possess, it would be in your best interest to know how Dr. Ben from Chiropractor Philippines meets and exceeds all of them. We can confidently say that our clinic in Alabang is one of the best. These aren’t just empty words, however. We offer you an unprecedented level of expertise in the face of our resident specialist. Aside from this, we can also provide you with packages at a staggering discount. Here are some other qualities that set Chiropractor Philippines apart:


Unparalleled Expertise

Dr. Ben’s portfolio is something that is definitely the subject of awe. Apart from being a recipient of a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1993, he also holds an Acupuncture Accreditation.

Another testament to Dr. Ben’s expertise is that he has had experience in chiropractic practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as working for Intercare Chiropractic Center in the Philippines. All of Dr. Ben’s experience in the field has enabled him to make only the best and well-informed decisions with regards to back, neck, and spinal treatment.


Discounted Packages

Looking for the price of a chiropractor in Manila that you can afford? Chiropractor Philippines can offer you chiropractic treatment packages at a staggering discount. For 7 sessions, you can get a 10% discount and subsequently be able to save PHP 2,100. We take this up a notch by offering you a ludicrous 50% discounted figure if you choose to avail of our 60 sessions. Whichever package you choose, we guarantee that we will have already waived the consultation fee for you.


What Our Clients Say
A chiropractor performing a back adjustment

Now that you’ve read about Dr. Ben and what sets the clinic apart from the rest, it would reassure you to know that our clients have been a testament to our claims. They can testify to the immediate pain relief treatment we provide as well as the transparency that Dr. Ben exemplifies in his practice.


Immediate Pain Relief

You can guarantee that our services will deliver you with immediate pain relief. This is a comforting fact to know, especially for patients who have been suffering from chronic spine and back pain for a decade or so.



Depending on your arrangement with Dr. Ben, he would gladly allow you to record your entire procedure. This will not only allow you to gain insight into the entire process but would also be advantageous for you in terms of transparency.


Look No Further And Visit Chiropractor Philippines, The Best Chiropractor In Alabang!


Having learned more about the best chiropractor in Alabang, Dr. Ben, it would be to your benefit to learn more about what Chiropractor Philippines has to offer. Apart from our specialized spinal services, we also offer you with heavily-discounted packages that would greatly help you. Click here to learn more about Chiropractor Philippines’ various offerings!

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