The Price Of A Chiropractor In Manila

The Price Of A Chiropractor In Manila

When you’re experiencing back problems, even the simplest of activities can be a burden for you. Especially if these problems are debilitating and continue to persist. They can affect your daily comfort levels and potentially your work performance. If this criteria fits you, why don’t you consider consulting with a chiropractor? After all, the price of a chiropractor in Manila can vary depending on what can fit your budget.

Luckily for you, Chiropractor Philippines offers you several competitive packages to help ease your daily back pain problems. Aside from our highly-discounted packages, you may choose to undergo only a single session with us for PHP 3,000 with a consultation fee of PHP 1,500. The consultation fee will be waived if you start your chiropractic treatment on the same visit.

Continue reading to learn more about Chiropractor Philippines’ available packages.


What Is The Price of a Chiropractor in Manila?

A woman getting a chiropractic adjustment

The Chiropractic Care Packages of Chiropractor Philippines are a reflection of Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III’s years of expertise and experience in chiropractic treatment. You can guarantee that with our packages, you’re getting only the best and most comprehensive sessions.

With just a few visits to our chiropractor in Alabang or Manila, we’ll be able to ease your back pain worries in no time. Here are the different packages we have on offer for you:


7 Sessions: PHP 18,900

Availing seven sessions of Chiropractor Philippines’ services and treatment will cost you only PHP 18,900. Each visit will cost PHP 2,700.

Reap the benefits of the discount with a one-time upfront payment. Not only would you save this amount of money, but we would also have the consultation fee of PHP 1,500 waived for you.


15 Sessions: PHP 36,000

Sometimes, seven sessions are simply not enough. If you feel like you might need more visits in order for you to fully reap the benefits of excellent chiropractic treatment, we can also offer you 15 sessions at a discounted price of PHP 36,000.

As per the first package, we will waive the PHP 1,500 consultation fee if you pay upfront. You cannot get any better deal on 15 visits than the discount we can offer you.


30 Sessions: PHP 60,000

Chiropractor Philippines’ package discounts just keep getting better and better. Fifteen sessions might not be sufficient for you, especially if you think your spinal or back problems need prolonged remedy.

For you, we will offer a discount on our 30 sessions. You will only need to pay upfront the amount of PHP 60,000 to get started on your treatment. Like the first two packages, you will no longer have to pay the PHP 1,500 consultation fee.


60 Sessions: PHP 90,000

Chiropractor Philippines can also offer you a staggering discount on our 60-session package. You would need to pay a sum of PHP 90,000 upfront.

As with all of the packages listed here, the consultation fee is waived with the one-time payment. Save money and get only the best chiropractic treatment from us.


What to Expect From Your First Chiropractic Consultation

A patient's first chiropractic consultation

Chiropractic visits can be daunting when you don’t know what to expect, but you don’t have to worry because your chiropractor only wants you to experience the best chiropractic treatment in the Philippines.

On your first visit, your chiropractor might need you to undergo an initial intake and a physical exam. Prepare to be asked about your patient history. In terms of tests, you should expect to be given an orthopedic & neurological exam and an X-Ray or MRI. After which, he will be able to prescribe you with the appropriate treatment plan.


Initial Intake

In your first consultation, your chiropractor will have you complete a comprehensive questionnaire on standard medical information. He would also ask questions about your health history, so be sure that you’re letting him know crucial information about your well-being.


Physical Exam

The doctor would then proceed with marking the areas of your back where you might feel spinal discomfort. You should make sure to share with him your experiences of having difficulty with everyday tasks so he can make a prudent judgment on your treatment.

Tell your chiropractor about areas on your back where you feel the most discomfort – this will allow him to properly pan out a treatment plan specifically for you.


Treatment Plan

Finally, your chiropractor determines the best treatment plan for you based on the extent of your discomfort. He will inform you of the target points in order to address your spinal issues over a specific duration.

Looking for the best chiropractor price in Manila? Communicate and clearly express what you want out of your treatment so your doctor can properly advise and recommend the best package for you.


Factors Your Chiropractor Assesses

A chiropractor checking a patient's range of motion

Here in Chiropractor Philippines, we will assess your range of motion, posture analysis, and palpatory evaluation in order to make your chiropractic treatment journey as smooth and as holistic as possible.


Range of Motion

Simply put, the range of motion gauges the mobility of different parts of your body. Your chiropractor will know if you’re having difficulty with your joints and back area, as well as your neck and shoulder area.


Posture Analysis

Posture analysis tells your doctor how well you’re able to stand up or sit up straight. You may have unknowingly developed poor posture due to years of mismanagement, but you would no longer have to worry. Chiropractor Philippines’ excellent treatment can correct your posture with the right number of treatments.


Palpatory Evaluation

This part of the assessment simply measures sensitive areas of your muscle, or areas where you might feel some tension. Your chiropractor would be able to know which spots to target in order to ease your pain and relieve the tension.


Avail Of Chiropractor Philippines’ Chiropractic Care Packages Now!

Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III’s chiropractic services in the country are not only the best but also the most comprehensive. If you weren’t previously aware of the price of a chiropractor in Manila, then now you have an idea – affordable, highly-competitive, and complete with unprecedented discounts.

Gone are the days of debilitating back pain and frequent muscle spasms – Chiropractor Philippines has got them all covered for you.

Click here to inquire about our packages to help ease your spinal troubles!

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