3 Common Symptoms of Scoliosis

What are the common symptoms of scoliosis?

  1. Uneven shoulder alignment
  2. Pain in the lower region of the body
  3. Difficulty walking
Scoliosis is a condition characterized as having an unnatural curve in the spinal area. This is often diagnosed during early childhood or adolescence where the common symptoms of scoliosis begin to manifest. These can be anywhere from an uneven shoulder alignment, pain in the legs, and difficulty walking. Normally, a person without this spinal condition will have normal curves at their thoracic, lumbar, and cervical regions. This allows their head to be positioned over the pelvis, working as part that absorbs shock and distributes weight evenly throughout the body. Many cases of scoliosis will be typically mild in nature, but there are extreme cases wherein these symptoms can negatively affect overall health and appearance. Some patients may also find these symptoms to be debilitating, that simply walking or standing up can already cause pain. This is why if you think you or anyone you know is suffering from this condition, it’s important to be well aware of the following symptoms. Read on to learn more. 

Uneven Shoulder Alignment

A good way to check for any early scoliosis symptoms is by simply examining the alignment of your shoulders in front of a mirror. Without scoliosis, your shoulders will be correctly aligned, at the same height, and facing forward. However, in scoliosis patients, this will not be the case. The reason for uneven shoulders is connected to the spine’s unnatural lateral curvature. This symptom may also be associated with other discomforts, such as a sensation of tightness or pulling in the shoulder, headaches, tendonitis, or bursitis. It’s advised that you get chiropractic services as part of other treatment plans to bring back the alignment of your shoulders. This is also beneficial, alongside other regular activities such as yoga, swimming, or martial arts. 

Pain In The Lower Region Of The Body Pain in the lower region of the body

Due to unusual spinal curvature, mild to severe pain in the leg and lower back area are also two common symptoms of scoliosis. This is because the condition is oftentimes partnered with spinal stenosis which causes the spinal canal to narrow. Effectively, this leads to nerve compression in the spin, causing pain, weakness, or numbness. To help relieve the pain, a chiropractor will usually advise you to do simple stretches on your own time. Aside from alleviating pain in these areas of your body, low-impact stretches are also effective at easing tension in your spinal muscles and improving blood flow and circulation in your joints. 

Difficulty Walking

Many scoliosis symptoms are often sub-symptoms that result due to a number of difficulties. One of these is the inability to comfortably walk around, caused by compressed nerve pains. As mentioned before, this can be hampering, especially when doing day-to-day activities, reducing the quality of the patient’s life. Due to the spinal misalignment, it’s also possible that challenges in walking are caused by uneven leg alignment. One may appear shorter than the other, which consequently affects the person’s gait.  Patients who experience this symptom will normally have a number of options for treatment, such as bracing, physiotherapy, and surgery. They will also be encouraged to make regular trips to their chiropractor for better comfort as well as improved flexibility and mobility. 

Key Takeaway

Some of the most common symptoms of scoliosis that have been discussed in this guide oftentimes occur in conjunction with the other. For patients suffering from this, the pain may become too chronic to the point that it will already affect how they live a normal life. In combination with treatment plans as prescribed by a licensed physician, another way for a scoliosis patient to receive pain relief is by visiting their local chiropractor.  Chiropractor Philippines is the country’s go-to clinic for spine-related, lower back, and other bone alignment issues. If you’re suffering from scoliosis, our different treatment services can help you live more comfortably and productively. Click here to learn more or contact us for more information. Our branches in Alabang and Parañaque are ready to serve you.

Written By: Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III

Dr. Ben is the CEO and Founder of Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He has a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic.

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