4 Exercise Tips for Back Pain Relief

What exercises can you do to relieve back pain?

  1. Half Crunches
  2. Hamstring Stretches
  3. Trunk Rotation Stretches
  4. Pelvic Tilt Exercises
  Back pain is serious, especially if you’re experiencing it chronically. Fortunately for you, relieving discomfort on this part of your body is as simple as following simple exercise tips for back pain relief. Continue reading to find out more about exercise tips you can use to improve movement in your back.  

Half Crunches

A man doing half crunches Doing half crunches, also known as partial crunches, is a great way for you to improve the strength of your core muscles as well as build strength in the lower back area. This is also a good starting point for people who may feel daunted by full-crunch exercises. Half-crunches are designed for those who feel they can’t do its full version. Crunches target the body’s core, which helps in improving your body’s posture as well as developing a higher level of flexibility and mobility for this part of your body. Half crunches help in stretching the abdominal and oblique muscles. This exercise also gives you more fat-burning capabilities.  

Hamstring Stretches

A woman doing hamstring stretches You may not be aware of it, but tight hamstrings are one of the most common causes of lower back pain. With simple hamstring stretches, you can gradually relieve tension in your hamstring muscle as well as in your lower back. You can do a variety of hamstring stretches. One of these is by simply bending forward while in a standing position. Ensure your hands are hanging down towards the ground and that your knees aren’t locked. This is also a simple way to know if your hamstrings are tight or aren’t flexible enough. It’s normal to not be able to reach the ground at first, but you’ll get there with repetition. These exercises help increase your pelvis’ mobility and reduce the pressure in your lower back.  

Trunk Rotation Stretches

A woman doing trunk rotation stretches This exercise helps in improving both motion and function in your spinal area while simultaneously relaxing muscles located on the sides of your body’s trunk. Similar to half-crunches, trunk rotation stretches target your abdominal muscles and obliques, as well as the muscles responsible for stabilizing your lower back. Trunk rotations aid in improving core strength, adding flexibility, mobility, and stability to your spine. Knowing this, you can easily add more structure with the way you walk as well as your ability to balance in other kinds of physical activities. Good mobility in your trunk helps you move your way towards other more complex activities such as dancing, surfing, tennis, or virtually any sport you can think of.  

Pelvic Tilt Exercises

A woman doing pelvic tilt exercises You might notice one day that you can’t keep your back fully flat on the ground. One possible cause of this is an anterior pelvic tilt, which is characterized as a pelvis that’s rotated forward. This position forces your spine to curve in an awkward position, which may eventually lead to hip pain as well as lower back pain. Through pelvic tilt exercises, you can return your pelvis towards a normal position. If you’ve always been bothered by the way your pelvic lines up with the rest of your body as you stand, then you won’t have to worry about them any longer. As long as you know the proper techniques for improving pelvic alignment. You’ll also be able to experience less pain as you’re going about your daily activities.  

Key Takeaway

For people suffering from chronic back pain, daily activities may seem insurmountable for them. If you belong in this category, then you no longer have to worry because these simple exercises for back pain relief can easily reduce any painful sensation. Through trunk rotation, hamstring, and pelvic stretches, you’ll be able to achieve spinal alignment and increase flexibility with other types of motions. These methods also provide you with an opportunity to conduct other more complex exercise functions. Learn how to do these exercises properly with the help of a trusted chiropractor.

Written By: Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III

Dr. Ben is the CEO and Founder of Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He has a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic.

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