How A Chiropractor Improves Posture

How can a chiropractor improve posture?

  1. Professional Assessment
  2. A More Hands-On Look at Your Posture
  3. Make Adjustments
  4. Works With Muscle Tissues
  5. Post-Treatment
Let’s face it. We’ve all overlooked the times when we were told to stand up straight and sit upright. Until today, you’re probably still neglecting proper posture by how you sit at work or how you walk while hunching your back. We’re sure that you don’t want to encounter spinal problems, however, it can be pretty challenging to keep reminding yourself about it throughout the day. This is why you should highly consider visiting your chiropractor! Let's take a look at how a chiropractor improves posture.  

Professional Assessment

A chiropractor assessing a patient One of the best things about getting assessed by a chiropractor is that you will get a specific, professional, and personalized treatment catered for you and your condition. It is a meticulous step-by-step process. Once you book your assessment with your chiropractor and before they examine your back, you will first be asked to sit down with them to talk about your lifestyle. This will help them figure out the root cause of your posture problems. They will most likely be asking you questions about your routine, habits, what you do, and other concerns regarding back pain or discomfort.  

A More Hands-On Look at Your Posture

After your assessment, your chiropractor will proceed to take a closer look at your posture by asking you to stand in different angles and sides. They may also take note of your back-formation, shoulders, pelvis, and other symmetry matters. Here, your chiropractor will determine the main point of concern. Through this, your chosen chiropractor will determine a perfect chiropractic treatment plan for your poor posture.  

Make Adjustments

A chiropractor making an adjustment to a patient Now that you’ve got your treatment plan, it's finally time for the treatment itself. The procedure of your treatment will highly depend on your case. Typically, chiropractors start by adjusting your shoulders and relaxing your joints to get you into the best position. In addition, your chiropractor may also require you to do a number of sessions depending on the severity of your posture.  

Works With Muscle Tissues

Most people think that chiropractors only work with bones. However, this is not the case. Chiropractors highly prioritize muscle tissue as well. During your session, your chiropractor will use muscle releases and strengthening exercises to balance the soft muscle tissues that also cause poor posture.  


A patient doing yoga post-chiropractic treatment Good chiropractors will work with you every step of the way. After your treatments, your chiropractor may give you some stretching tips, exercise, and relaxation tricks for your treatment to fix your posture for good.  

Key Takeaway

You’ve most likely been overlooking the importance of good posture, especially as you age. While no one wants to experience spinal problems, it can be fairly challenging to remind yourself to stand up straight or sit upright constantly. This is where a chiropractor comes in. You can improve your posture with chiropractic treatment in a matter of minutes or a few sessions! There are many ways on how a chiropractor improves posture. They work closely with you to give you the specific treatment you need. Concerned about your posture? We’d be more than happy to discuss how we can help you! Click here to contact us!

Written By: Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III

Dr. Ben is the CEO and Founder of Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He has a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic.

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