6 Exercises To Strengthen The Lower Back

What exercises help strengthen your lower back?

  1. Cat-cow stretches
  2. Glute bridges
  3. Pelvic tilts
  4. Supermans
  5. Partial curls
  6. Lower trunk rotations
Our bodies work at their best when all our muscles can work in sync with each other. So, when you have weak muscles around and in your back, it can cause a domino effect of pain and discomfort throughout your torso. To help the muscles that support your spine, try these exercises to strengthen your lower back. These routines should help you avoid lower back pain, even as you age.

Cat-cow stretches

Cat-cow stretches The best way to start any exercise routine is with a stretch. Cat cows are great stretches for your lower back. This lengthens your back muscles, eases tension, and preps them for further exercise.   To do this:
  1. Get on your hands and knees, and keep them about hip-width distance apart.
  2. Arch your back, and pull your belly button toward your spine.
  3. Slowly pull downwards and reverse, allowing your belly to sag downwards.
  4. Repeat these two movements for a few minutes each day. 

Glute bridges

This exercise works your gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in your butt. This muscle is an important stabilizer for your hips and lower back and is crucial in preventing discomfort when you’re doing things like walking and lifting objects. To do this: 
  1. Lie with your back to the ground and your knees bent.
  2. Place your feet flat on the floor, about hip-width distance apart.
  3. Press your feet to the floor and raise your butt off the ground. Your body should be forming a straight diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. 
  4. While in this position, squeeze your butt and slightly tilt it upwards to work the muscles.
  5. Lower back to the ground slowly and pause for a few seconds, then repeat the motion.
  6. Do this 15 times, then rest for a minute. Do 3 sets of this. 

Pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts This exercise is great for releasing the tight muscles in your lower back and encouraging their flexibility. This helps in relieving discomfort after a long day of lifting or sitting down at your desk.  To do this:
  1. Lie flat on the floor, with your knees bent and slightly drawn in. Keep your arms at your sides and your feet flat.
  2. Gently arch your lower back, and push your stomach out.
  3. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds before releasing.
  4. Flatten your back against the floor, and pull your belly button towards your spine.
  5. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds before releasing.
  6. Repeat this a few times each day. You can do this up to 30 times per set. 


Another important muscle for your lower back strength is your back extensors. These run alongside your spine and help you maintain good posture. Supermans are an exercise that targets these muscles and promotes lower back strength.  To do this:
  1. Lie flat on the ground, face down. Stretch both arms out in front of your body, and your legs stretched out similarly.  
  2. Raise your extended hands and feet upwards. Try to lift them about 6 inches away from the floor. 
  3. Keep your belly button drawn to your spine to maintain a tight core. 
  4. Keep your neck straight, and your gaze to the floor to prevent neck strain. 
  5. Hold this position for about 2 seconds before releasing.
  6. Repeat this about 10 times, and for 3 sets. 

Partial curls

Partial curls Strong abdominal muscles are needed to provide support for your lower back and keep it properly aligned with your hips. To help build up your core strength without straining your back muscles, try partial curl exercises. To do this: 
  1. Lie with your back to the floor, your knees slightly bent, and your feet flat and at a hip-width distance.
  2. Cross your hands over your chest and breathe in deeply.
  3. When you breathe out, engage your core, and begin gently raising your head and shoulders off the ground.
  4. Aim for about 2 inches off the ground, and keep your neck neutral and aligned with your spine.
  5. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds before releasing.
  6. Repeat this 10 times and for 3 sets. 

Lower trunk rotations

To cap off your routine, you can use another stretch to make your lower back muscles more limber and gently work on their stability and strength. Lower trunk rotations are an excellent way to do this. To do this:
  1. Lie on the floor with bent knees and your feet flat on the ground.
  2. While keeping your shoulders planted firmly on the floor, gently roll your knees to one side.
  3. Avoid pushing your knees too far down — look for a level that gently stretches the muscles in your spine.
  4. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and gently move back to your original position.
  5. Do the same for the opposite side.
  6. Repeat this a few times for each side, at least twice a day. 

Key Takeaway

Try these simple exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles and better support your spine. Doing these routines daily can help you gradually build up stability and flexibility, and avoid pain and discomfort.  If you still struggle with lower back pain or feel that your body lacks the mobility for exercise, visit Chiropractic Philippines today! Our experienced team can help you identify the root cause of your lower back problems and prescribe a gentle, non-invasive treatment plan to relieve your pain.   

Written By: Dr. Benedicto Luz Adorable III

Dr. Ben is the CEO and Founder of Philippine Chiropractic Healthcare Specialist. He has a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic.

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